Building the Team, Inclusion

Just a few thoughts about this….  For the last year I’ve been advising a Series A company as they’re building a platform for products and talent. It’s much like watching and guiding a child as it

grows; there is always the temptation to use quick fixes in addressing immediate needs, but to what degree do you slow down to embed best practices in the organization so it can scale, be prosperous and continue to attract top talent?  (…so the child can grow to be a healthy and successful adult?)

An example:
It’s easy for business leaders to make decisions “on the fly” to make things happen quickly.  Personally, I certainly like to make a decision and move on….  But what does that say inside the company to interested or affected parties who are not included in the critical thinking that leads to certain decisions?  Can you make it up later, when “there’s more time”?  How do those excluded parties feel in the meantime?  What happens if a headhunter calls them during the “meantime”?  And what if a valued team member makes a decision “on the fly” to leave your company, just as you made your quick decision to expedite a situation?

All unintended actions that lead to unintended outcomes.

We all know that an inclusive and spiritually rewarding business culture is the reason people join, happily contribute their expertise and are loyal to companies.  The money comes later — from productive behavior.  I hear this from almost every candidate when I ask, “What’s your ideal company?”

Although it takes extra cycles, time and patience — it’s good to think through the business culture you want to create, and exercise the diligence to implement it.

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