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ConservingNowMy friend, Gayle, and her daughter Mehgan, are the founders of ConservingNow. This is another example of business/tech leaders (Gayle, a former educator and multi-time CEO, has 10+ years tenure with one of the world’s top private equity firms) taking initiative towards helping the environment – at the community / grassroots level, where real social change happens.

ConservingNow is a welcoming online community of earth friendly individuals who care about our planet. The members of our community are committed to providing future generations with the knowledge and support to create and sustain a healthy environment. It is their vision that this community will support one another in all of our efforts to live greener.

On ConservingNow you can join their campaigns to help our planet, or you can browse their site to find helpful tips, information, educational resources, products, and opportunities that will help you be greener.

Their first campaign is to Reduce Plastic Bags Use.

* Read about the problems plastic bags cause our environment here.
* And then begin their 4-step plan to reduce this severe environmental problem.

In designing their campaigns, educational resources, products, and opportunities, they are mindful of these four principles:

* Simple acts lead to real changes
* Earth friendly products matter
* Early education creates positive lifelong habits
* Community action makes a huge impact

Message From Meghan and Gayle: “Do you ever get to the checkout line are realize you have forgotten your reusable bags? Like so many others who are committed to bringing their own bags when shopping, we quickly realized how often we forgot our bags in the car or at home. We knew that all our good intentions to make a difference by always using our own bags wouldn’t really help if we could not remember to bring them to the store.

Obviously we were not the only ones with this problem. So, after much discussion, we set out to create products that would help everyone remember to bring their own bags when shopping. Our goal was to offer a wide array of convenient, effective, and green products all designed to eliminate the use of plastic bags.. We also wanted to share our passion for reducing plastic bag consumption with our community and to get everyone started, we provide anyone who wants to join us in the effort a free static cling reminder for their car window.

In addition to our reminder products, we knew that our passion for the environment wasn’t enough. We needed a way to encourage our children’s activism and teach them good environmental stewardship that would become second nature to them. We understand that once they have formed these habits, they will no longer need the reminder products, as things like bringing your own reusable bags will be their norm.

It is our vision that this community will support one another in all of our efforts to live greener! Come join us – invite your friends and family! Together we can make a difference!! “

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