Corporate Board Dynamics: Women on Boards

Corporate Directors, especially women on public boards. I’ll be talking about this with clients, colleagues and friends – and writing about it.

I’ve read a number of articles with statistics. The overall Fortune 1000-type companies generally report about 20% women Directors; in Tech that number is closer to 15% (as reported by Korn Ferry).

I’m curious about the dynamics of the Boards, and how (and if) the first woman entering the team changes the dynamic – of the Board and of the Company. And does her participation pave the road for additional women – on the Board, in the C-suite and in the Company? For diversity overall? Anything else?

Also, for women – and men – on private Boards, there’s a chasm to cross for appointment to a public board. What is that journey?

There are many interesting articles about Board dynamics and their impacts. Here’s one from McKinsey:

High-performing boards: What’s on their agenda?
“Directors report that they have a greater impact as they move beyond the basics.”



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