Donde esta el talento?


Where has the great pool of talent gone?


This question comes up at least once a week.  The typical questioners?  Executives who were in the talent pool during the 1980s.  The economy certainly was experiencing its challenges then, especially at the beginning of the decade.  But the structure and culture of training business leaders of the future was firmly in place.




The following were commonplace:

  • Entry level training programs
  • Management training programs
  • Mentorship programs – formal and informal
  • Charted career paths
  • Meaningful performance evaluations
  • Subsidized and encouraged continuing education – reimbursed MBA programs
  • Corporate cultures supporting overall business training and professional growth
  • Succession planning as a required component of the management plan – not the exception…


Very few of these programs and practices are in play these days.  In fact, there’s an entire generation who have never even heard of these things!


What do you think?


Second:  “The Bubble” – It offered few favors to enhancing the talent pool.  (next time)

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