Impact: The Book

Corporate Directors

Women and men as Corporate Directors. How do they attain these positions? Why is there, in 2014, a disproportionate number of men as compared to women?

As written in Forbes (19 May 2014), “Among the S&P 100, women occupy just 19% of the board seats, according to a study last year by Calvert Investment Management, a mutual fund company that specializes in socially responsible investments. Suzanne M. Hopgood, a workout specialist who has served on the board of nine companies (five of which are public companies), says that on only one of them was there another woman.”

For an executive who has served as Director of a number private companies, what is the process of appointment to that first public Board of Directors?

I’m talking with women who serve as Corporate Directors on public Boards. Typically, they are the first woman to join the men. What impact have they made on the dynamics of the Board? What impact have they made on their companies?

What strategic decisions did they make to achieve their positions? What did they learn along the way? What can we, women and men, learn from them?

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