Talent Strategy

“Nadine and her team beat out four other search teams in our selection process for an executive search firm to find a CEO…

“Nadine stood out from crowd in terms of depth of preparedness, punctuality and initiative during the appointment process.”

—Simon Wilson, Chairman and Independent Director, M86 (now Trustware)

Nadine North is an outstanding professional. She has an enviable track record in business and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services to my clients when they are recruiting State side.

Nadine really does take time to understand her clients needs as well as the broader landscape affecting their businesses. She is recognised as a thought leader in the field of executive talent and takes pleasure in educating and informing her broad and influential network.

—David Goldstone, Partner at Osprey Clarke, UK

Talent Strategy

I’ve been driving it, evangelizing it and writing about it for a long time. Our approaches to Talent Strategy – Engagement and Acquisition – are embedded in our company cultures. And starts in the C-suite.

Wikipedia defines Strategy as “a plan of action designed to achieve a vision”. Although I’d prefer a more sophisticated statement, I’ll go with this. When applied to living, breathing people – coming together with all of their unique experiences and perspectives – it gets complicated and sensitive. Implementing a strategy will be a process, but it’s not linear.

Step One → The Collaboration

Step Two → The Plan

Step Three → The Buy-in

Step Four → The Rollout

The Rollout includes the flexibility to encompass fine-tuning that inspires, engages and obviously RESPECTS the living, breathing people – your team – who will carry out your Strategy.

Once a particular corporate culture is embedded, is it too late to re-engineer? Being an eternal optimist, I say it’s never too late. But it is indeed hard to do… And Culture is an evolving entity. It needs on-going attention and guidance.

There are some great stories about culture turn-arounds (Southwest Airlines and JetBlue come to mind), where the results were great customer satisfaction along with creating a career-oriented and desirable workplace. And BTW, the absolutely desirable outcome of focusing on Culture and Talent Strategy IS A MORE VALUABLE COMPANY.

A few words about what personally drives my business…

My career has been focused on job creation – building companies’ financial strength and building companies’ talent strength at the leadership level. I personally enjoy building companies including all the challenges and nuances we encounter along the way.

Building sustainable, meaningful companies creates a number of great outcomes. I believe the most meaningful outcome is the creation of satisfying jobs for our people – our human capital. People who feel as though they are making a meaningful contribution, making money, providing for our families – are spending money in the marketplace – and funding other meaningful companies – and guess what they’re creating? Yes, a sustainable and meaningful economy – and our futures.

Please read my blog for current events and feel free to reach out to me regarding your Talent Strategy.

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