Talent Talent Talent – What is Your #TalentStrategy? Does it exist? Is it Sustainable?

Job creation.  We keep hearing about that in the political and public policy news.  There have been a lot of jobs created during the last few years.  Unfortunately, just not enough to fulfill the population of unengaged potential workers.

Job creation, which is the result of new and growing companies, which is what propels our economy  – is CRITICAL.  We cannot take our eyes of this ball.

Then there’s the other side of the equation….

There is a significant amount of companies that profess to have a number of unfilled jobs – and cannot find the talent.  The experienced and/or trained talent.  THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD FOCUS.   For the “boomers” get older and want to still economically contribute (and who have to work); and for the new grads – from university OR high school – who leave school without the training to get hired in career-oriented positions.  Is Business doing anything to help ourselves?

We used to.  Can we do it again?

More soon….

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